Strategic alliance between VISYON and LaviniaNext

LaviniaNext, the Lavinia Group's end-to-end solutions agency and VISYON, a consulting and services company dedicated to emerging technologies, are joining forces to carry out proposals in the realm of virtual reality. This alliance aims to achieve greater positioning in the new audio-visual experiences sector.

The agreement mainly focuses on the creation of virtual reality projects consisting of five major strategic phases that combine the expertise of the two firms. Among the phases are customer management, creative development, 360º image acquisition, programming, and events.

“We at LaviniaNext are delighted to be able to collaborate with a leading virtual reality company and to make available all our strategic and creative knowledge about brands and the audiovisual world,” said Carlo Rombolá, the General Manager of LaviniaNext.

For his part, Pere Pérez, the CEO of VISYON, said that "emerging technologies, such as virtual reality, will be key in new communications strategies, allowing brands to establish emotional links with their target audiences. That's why the best way to effectively implement innovative strategies is to work alongside communications agencies to bring maximum value to digital marketing campaigns and new content formats."

The ultimate objective, however, is to boost the virtual reality market at an international level by working with major brands and boosting their presence at events.


VISYON is an award-winning international company based in Barcelona that promotes innovation through creative solutions and emerging technologies such as virtual, augmented, or mixed reality, as well as artificial intelligence, holograms, and sensory experiences, among others.

Through its advanced ecosystem, which seeks to surpass the limits of even the newest technologies, VISYON provides services to brands, develops proprietary platforms, custom builds sensory experience facilities, and invests in social projects in the areas of healthcare, the environment, and education.

About LaviniaNext

LaviniaNext is a new concept of agency that is part of the Lavinia Group and grew out of the merger between the digital agency, Lavinia Interactiva, and the branded content producer, Lavinia Spurna Visual, which are companies with over 20 years of experience in the digital and audio-visual sector.

LaviniaNext's mission is to offer ideas and end-to-end solutions for communications, technology, and content in order to drive brands, businesses, and relationships. It also offers a powerful selection of services in the areas of Strategy, Creativity, Content, Technology, Social Media, Events, E-Learning, and Branded TV.


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