Multimedia creativity and innovation provided to the European Parliament

The Lavinia Group has won a tender to create their innovative multimedia content for the next four years


The Lavinia Group has been selected by the European Parliament to create and produce its digital multimedia content for the next four years. The contract also includes the programming of digital tools, updating them and providing technical support.

Lavinia based their winning proposal on a methodology of 'design thinking' that guarantees agile conception processes for each product and service, from the analysis of the communicative objective to the generation of ideas, the production of online content and the subsequent evaluation of its impact .

The communication teams for the European Parliament in Brussels will be linked by exchanges and validation at the culmination of each of these phases. The communications guidelines of the European Parliament and its visual identity have been integrated throughout all these steps,

The framework contract that the European Parliament have signed with the Lavinia-Innosual consortium comes three months before the European elections on May 26th. The elections will bring about a new composition for the Parliament, and are also decisive for the appointment of the next President of the European Commission and the auditions of candidates for the position of European Commissioner. Beyond the electoral campaign, once the elections are held the European Parliament must strengthen their communication in order to show their role of serving citizens in all the Member States, in a context in which populism and Brexit have taken their toll on the debate in many countries.

It is in this difficult political and communicative context that LaviniaNext will develop multimedia products and contents, which will seek to connect with the multiple, highly diverse European Parliament audiences in the digital sphere.

Although the General Direction of Communication of the Parliament will handle the contract,  all the Directors of the European Parliament will be able to benefit from them for the creation of multimedia contents for their online communications. The services that Lavinia-Innosual will offer fall into four major categories:

(1) Content on websites and app development (content on social networks, digital platforms for events, software for social networks, web documentaries, development of apps for websites and mobile devices on IOS and Android, etc.).

(2) Design and production of multimedia products (infographics, visual templates for social platforms, electronic bulletins ...).

(3) Services and technology for maintenance and interactive support.

(4) Development of new products based on the previously listed categories.


A solid reputation in Europe

This assignment is another step in the consolidation of the Lavinia Group amongst European institutions. LaviniaNext had already been in charge of developing the technological platform for the European Parliament Multimedia Center, which houses all the audiovisual content for the institution. This tool, launched at the beginning of 2018, offers news in video format, audio, a photo archive and also live broadcasts of the different commissions and parliamentary activities.

In addition, since 2009, Alice - the Lavinia Group company in Brussels – have been responsible for the audiovisual productions of the European Commission through the AllTV consortium, together with Belgian company Videohouse. Since 2009, Alice have also been in charge of the audiovisual coverage of all official activities and missions by the European Commission in the countries of the southern Mediterranean, from North Africa to the Middle East, thanks to an extensive network of collaborators and two regional offices ( in Algiers and Beirut).

This new award of a contract with the European Parliament is the first that the Lavinia Group have achieved in their consortium with Innosual, thanks to the strategic agreement between Lavinia and the audiovisual and digital communication hub based in Brussels.


Strategic agreement

The Lavinia and Innosual Group have drawn up a strategic agreement to collaborate on an international scale and join together their technical capabilities and presence in markets. Under this agreement, both groups will identify commercial opportunities at European and international level, in which their talent allows them to present the most competitive proposals to corporate and institutional clients that require complex, innovative communication strategies deployed on different communication platforms simultaneously.

Sharing professional experience and knowledge of European and international markets and clients reinforces the potential and competitiveness of the Lavinia Group in the European capital, where a solid reputation has already been forged through Alice and Lavinia Next’s exploits.

Innosual is based on the concept of a 'multi-service hub'. It acts as a single interlocutor to develop customised communications solutions for its clients, its brands and products, its reputation and the generation of "communities", beyond the "audiences."

Lavinia will actively collaborate with Innosual to continue expanding market share in Europe and identify new business opportunities, in which the sum of both parties results in the presentation of more competitive offers – technically, administratively and economically – than those which either could present separately.


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