Four ads under the slogan 'Possible by Vueling' will be launched on the Italian TV. Lavinia Spurna Visual is once again in the forefront of the advertising production.

Lavinia Spurna Visual produces four spots for Vueling

Lavinia Spurna Visual has produced the spots of the new summer campaign by Vueling, ‘Possible by Vueling’. To celebrate its tenth anniversary, the airline has redesigned its image using a transgressor code that has been created by the branding company Column Colors and the advertising agency Garcia.

The ads, shot on May on the TV sets of Lavinia in Barcelona, ​​fit the innovative, dynamic and maverick spirit of the image spin of Vueling. Coherently with the branding project by Column Colors, the leitmotiv of which is ‘inspiring lives’, the videos fire the aspirations of people who want to travel.

The work Lavinia Spurna Visual consists of four different spots, titled ‘Life is short’, ‘Summer’, ‘Don’t Touch’ and ‘Capo’. They are plain, short and straight videos that can be broadcast on all screens. With this work, the company of Lavinia Group is situated once again in the forefront of the advertising production.

The first launch of the campaign will take place in Italy, where television advertisements are broadcast. Afterwards, will take place in international markets: France, Germany, Holland and Belgium, in addition to Spain.

The spots of the campaign


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