The Lavinia Group has reached an exclusive agreement to offer the services of Megaphone TV in Spain. The alliance with Megaphone, following the one made a few months ago with Kaltura, offers the Lavinia Group the chance to further expand its offering of comprehensive audio-visual services.

Megaphone TV is a participation platform that allows for real time, mobile-based interaction with television programs through surveys and games. In 2016, Megaphone received an interactive TV Emmy nomination for the second consecutive year.

Implementation of the Megaphone TV platform into television programs increases ratings and audience, facilitates social media activity, and wins the loyalty of viewers. It also allows for monetization through the insertion of sponsors. Megaphone turns advertising into an interactive playing field activating audience participation and, therefore, making it more effective.

The Megaphone platform can also be applied to websites and apps. As it is not an app itself, it gives users easy access without the need to download software. It is a flexible tool that adapts to the different types of content and the interactive needs of audio-visual products.

One example of Megaphone TV's operation and possibilities could be seen during the last debate between Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump, the most watched debate in television history.

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