Aporta el personal técnico y de contenidos para hacer posible el seguimiento del evento deportivo en todo el mundo.

Lavinia produces the Barcelona World Race audiovisual coverage

Lavinia collaborates with the Barcelona World Race 2014-2015, organized by the Barcelona Offshore Sailing Foundation (FNOB) producing the audiovisual coverage of the race. In this third edition, Lavinia provides content and technical staff to make possible for followers and fans to watch the sports event all over the world for aporoximately four months. We work under the direction of A.S.O, a French company and international leader as far as sports audiovisual production is concerned.

On the occasion of the start of the BWR, December 31, 2014, Lavinia deployed a special operation to cover and broadcast the way out to sea of vessels via streaming in the official website of the race and via satellite with cameras in the water and from a helicopter. The international broadcast of the start of the competition was available in four languages, Catalan, Spanish, English and French.

Lavinia has been commissioned to install a TV studio in the Port of Barcelona, where a daily 15 minutes show is produced. We also have a hybrid phone system to connect to craft lines. We produce a daily highlights video 2 to 3 minutes long on the state of competition and a weekly highlights video that our client distributes to specialised sports channels like Esport3, Teledeporte and more than 80 television stations internationally.

Panorama Audiovisual has released a complete report about the project.

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