Estàs Igual! The world first interactive programme on Instagram

Estàs Igual!‘, a show produced by LaviniaNext and broadcast on TV3 in Catalunya (Spain), opens the doors to a new transmedia experience available now on Instagram. In the episode “Ovelles negres” (Black sheep), the viewer gets to enjoy a personalised experience of the show via Instagram, making ‘Estàs Igual!‘ the world’s first ever interactive transmedia programme on this social network.

The interactive show works using clickable mentions in the descriptions. In total, there are approximately ten minutes of video, edited in a reduced format with respect to the conventional TV format, and that includes unpublished material about the characters, making-of, real experiences from behind the scenes, pictures and much more. 'Estàs Igual!' can be seen exclusively on Instagram in a personalised way, but is also designed to be viewed linearly on TV with the Instagram version used as a second screen.

‘Estás Igual!‘ is an adaptation of the Welsh production ‘Get the Picture‘, produced by CWMNI DA CYF and distributed by Nordic World. The idea of the programme is to repeat a group’s photo, made years before, using the same people and location. The final picture is exciting, and so is the journey to get there.

Instagram, one of the biggest social networks, where photography plays a central role, represents the spirit of ‘Estàs Igual!' like nothing else. And like the show, Instagram also offers a way for millions of people to present their lives.

Jordi Salvat, digital content editor at TV3, comments that “at TV3 we view social networks as the ideal space for adapting ourselves to new consumer habits and creating innovative narratives. We want our programmes to be present in the digital arena in order to offer a better experience to our users and audience, and we believe that this new project will enrich traditional television. We’re incorporating an interactive form of consumption in which the viewer can experiment with our contents”.

Meanwhile, Pau Chambó, creative director at LaviniaNext, highlights how ‘Estàs Igual!‘ on Instagram "is the result of two daring companies that accepted the risk of taking on the challenge of innovation. At LaviniaNext, it is a self-imposed obligation that we should constantly research innovation. We were able to create such a globally unique product thanks to TV3 sharing the same vision ”.

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