Grand opening of 'Boca Norte'

The six episodes of the Playz series produced by Lavinia Audiovisual are now available online. In this new series aimed at a young audience, urban music and dance play a fundamental role. 

More than 300 personas people joined us for the launch of the new Boca Norte series produced by Lavinia Audiovisual. Verdi Cinema in Barcelona was packed to enjoy four of the six episodes of the series that has been released in full on RTVE’s Playz platform. The opening night was attended, among others, by the technical crew and performers, including David Solans (‘Merlí’, ‘El punto frío’), Guillermo Campra (‘Águila Roja’, ‘Bajo la red’) and Júlia Creus (‘Merlí’), along with fans and famous faces from the showbiz world.

During his presentation, Carles González, director of RTVE Catalunya, highlighted RTVE’s strong commitment to the Playz platform, and especially to young talent. Alberto Fernández, director of RTVE’s digital content department, expressed how proud he feels of this series, the thirteenth to appear on the platform, calling it “a series that we loved from the start because it deals with young people’s real problems, and in their language, and in a city like Barcelona, home to both of the directors, who were able to bring their own perspectives.”

Rubén Mayoral, executive producer at Lavinia, explained that Boca Norte is a project “that brings together all the team’s talent and all of the effort that we have put into this great little series”.

Eva Mor pointed out that “this was a small project, but we all had a large cinematic project in mind, and we have ended up holding the opening night in a cinema.” The director of the series, Elena Trapé, stressed how much the “enthusiasm, joy and good humour” that went into it comes across.



The series, produced by Playz in association with Lavinia Audiovisual, stars Begoña Vargas (La otra mirada), David Solans (Merlí, El punto frío), Guillermo Campra (Águila Roja, Bajo la red) Júlia Creus (Merlí), Jasmine Roldán and Guillermo Lasheras.

Created by Eva MorBoca Norte is directed by Dani de la Orden (Barcelona, nit d'estiu, El mejor verano e mi vida, Élite) and Elena Trapé (Best Movie at the Malaga Festival for Las distancias) and tells the story of a group of youngsters from a humble neighbourhood of Barcelona who are brought together by trap.

With feminist themes, Boca Norte deals with such issues as bisexuality, capitalism, culture clash, dependence on social networks, addiction to pornography and virginity.


Music and dance in the series’ soul

Music plays a very important role in Boca Norte, which delves into the universe and aesthetics of urban beats (trap, dance hall and hip hop).

Each episode features on original track composed by one of the country’s leading trap artists: Blondie, Fusa Nocta, D’Valentina and La Fanny. All of these have thousands of followers and views on social networks, with young people enamoured by their irreverent and militant lyrics.

The choreographies, all created especially for the series, were put together by internationally experienced dance professional Bea Villabol.



Andrea (Begoña Vargas) is a teenager from uptown Barcelona, but circumstances compel her to move to a more marginal neighbourhood. To help her to adapt, her father forces her to go to the Boca Norte cultural centre, where she meets a group of young people who escape from their everyday troubles by writing songs and creating choreographies.

Andrea must learn to deal with a dark episode from her past and adapt to a new group with whom she shares nothing in common, or so it appears. At 16 years of age, her life is about to undergo a radical change.

Transmedia universe
Boca Norte features a broad transmedia narrative whereby the characters can be followed on their social networks, and offers fictional content that reveals additional details about Andrea (@andrea_d_o), Dani (@dani_bocanorte), Katy (@sweetkaty13), Dj Lu (@luu__dj), Sarah (@sarah_is_dancing), Andy (@callmeandy_official) and María (@maria_gisbertbcn) on their Instagram profiles.

    ‘Dani Pedrosa: The Silent Samurai’ documentary is available online


    Antoni Esteve, Lavinia Group's president, Television Academy Talent Award 2018


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